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Re: RC: Dirty Dogs

Oh great.  Hope this is not true.  I am so sick and tired of idiots and their stupid dogs at rides.  Now there will be more rides I can't take my dogs to so I can't go because I have no one to take care of him when I am gone.  I have no use for people who take their dogs to ride meetings and worse yet to the damn banquet.  Also the idiots that let their little darlings run around the camp loose.  My dog is not always to be trusted around small children so he is tied up when I am there and in the horse trailer when I am not.  He weighs 108 lbs. so I have to be careful.  However, I am a responsible dog owner unlike others.  Can you tell I am ride secretary for a ride this weekend and am getting cranky.  But people who enter late and bitch about the late fee are another story....Maybe I should run for VP again so I have a place to vent every month.  And guess what, we are at a State Park this weekend and there are no dogs allowed.  I have to pack it up and get home as early as possible to feed the dogs and cat 
Saturday night.  No staying over....darn.....<sigh>

P. S.  Steve, you can't bring your dogs and neither can Melissa bring Ollie.  What a bummer......mb

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