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RE: partying, poker & riding horses!

That's the way I thought all endurance rides should be run!  I mean I scheduled my ride calendar so I could go to the Ride and Tie margarita party.   (I ended up being too wiped out from the ride to drink......)
This gave me a big grin when we all need it!  I've had a touch of the flu and thinking about Anthrax.....
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Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 7:29 PM
Subject: RC: partying, poker & riding horses!

I have a dear neighbor/friend that I have been slowly courting to come and enjoy the world of endurance riding.  She has a Quarter Horse named Blue (for his one blue eye!).  He probably stands no higher than 14.3 and is built like a Mack truck with the typical broad base type physique.  I adore Blue because he is truly one smart horse.  He takes very good care of my friend and himself, always drinking at the stream crossings, will eat at any opportunity and shows determination during our short training rides together.
Haven't yet convinced my friend that endurance is the route she wants to take, but she's getting more involved and participating with me in longer trail rides.  This past weekend while I was away at a ride, she decided to attend an ETI sponsored poker ride that promised to provide a well marked trail, food and water for the horses and a sure opportunity for getting together with other horse enthusiasts to enjoy the hills of Chastworth, CA.
She arrived a little nervous (she's still a novice to all this) and unloaded her little man Blue, saddled up and joined the group at the start.  They did some climbing on a single track trail and rode for about an hour before reaching the first "Vet Check" (that was how she described it) and there she dismounted, Blue devoured everything in sight and took a big long drink.  My friend was served a blended Margarita and offered a variety of goodies.
Next "Vet Check" Blue again helped himself to all the fixin's and girlfriend was served a "Jell-O popper" (I think that's what she called it!), which was a Jell-O serving made with a shot of Vodka and she said they used the "good stuff Schmirnoff" (sp?)!  
Final "Vet Check" they served more Margaritas and Blue enjoyed the usual.  They headed for the "finish" and that's where the real party was happening.  She came over yesterday and told me, "Nina, I didn't know the endurance rides were like that, I had a great time, when's the next ride?"!!!!! 
Nina Bomar

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