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Hello,  the whole world has changed. The chaos has come home and the smoke and stench still emanates. Unfortunatly, i think this will not be the end but rather the start.  Since the AERC Newsletter reprinted the article that was in The Chronical of the Horse i thought i'd update it a bit.  Our flights were supposed to leave on the 15th but they were all cancelled.  Therefore V2B has been postponed til April or May.  We got enough to crunch time to find out who was serious and committed to go and who was not.  Those that were committed will go again and we will add a few Europeans in the ride.  Both for commaradrie and the language barrier.  We will be taking the website down and become a small unit of people committed to this project and the work it entails.  The Baron has committed to not only finding the horses but told me he has contacted the Hungarian Television Network who wants to film a Documentary.  In the upcoming months our silence will not reflect upon inactivity but a determined group no longer wanting anything other than your prayers.  The children will not be let down because of war fought in the name of God.  thank you.                                Tom Sites

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