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NC Championship

Undoubtedly the best run ride I've been too.!!!
I cannot say enough about the management of this ride and how well it was 
run. I am shocked at the completion rate, but the fact remians that this is 
a very tough trail and requires some savvy riding to complete. Excellent 
terrain for mules and goats!
I was disapointed to have not been able to ride my horse and sponsor my son 
Scott Solis, but I am one proud mom and I must say that Sandy Thompson and 
her daughter Samantha did one excellent job pulling two other juniors 
through the entire course and finishing. Sandy unselfishly lost several 
prescious minutes at the last vet check to pick up a third junior that had 
lost their sponsor. Doing this even though they had plenty of horse left 
for the final loop and we all know how much difference a minute can make.
Thanks again Sandy and Thanks to the management for a weekend that Scott 
and I will never forget!


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