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FW: Coe Park Ride

If entries are down for this ride perhaps it is due to the high entry fee.
Might think about lowering it a bit.  Just a thought.

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> From: sleeeker []
> Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2001 9:24 PM
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> Subject: Coe Park Ride
> Come and ride Coe Park - Gilroy, California - October 20th, 2001!!!!  I
> rode the first 30 miles today on a lightly conditioned horse.  The pace
> was trot the flats, walk steep uphill and steep downhill, trot slight
> downhills.  I had an hour left over at the end of 30 miles.  The views
> were spectacular - Monterey Bay, a beautiful view of Coit Lake on the
> back loop.  It was a warm day - in the high 80s.   I also saw a great
> number of pig parents and children and lots of deer.
> So come and enjoy a beautiful ride next weekend. I look forward to
> seeing you there. Maryben is awaiting your entry!!!
> Jan Jeffers
> Candidate  AERC BOD
> West Region

That's odd- all the rides that we've ever been to here in the West are
always pretty crowded.  Isn't Alberta just above Montana?

Chicken came out way yummy!!!!  And I even made REAL gravy for the mashed
potatoes.  Frances brought over a Boston cream pie.  Man, that was good.
Now I have to starve for a week.  We played dominos- the train game.   Got
the shed all put together except I just need regular panels from the round
pen for the back and a gate.  I fed Liebchen in there tonight.  She went in
no problem (but she wasn't locked in since there's not a gate there yet.)


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