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Re: RC: National Championship Ride(Long)

Jim Holland wrote:

> WOW, What an event!  The 2001 National Championship was just
> outstanding! Had everything you could wish for in an Endurance Ride.

Just about the best run ride I've ever seen! The staff did a super job.

> The STAFF were excellent.  The DBDR staff were everywhere and made sure
> we had everything we needed.  They were just great.  There was so much
> to see and do, just couldn't fit it all in. I needed to clone
> fact, I think Diane Fruth found a way to do that...she
> couldn't have possibly been in all those places.  She was just
> everywhere! Thank you, Diane....I will remember this ride as one of the
> best ever!  Connie and Mike were just great hosts.  Thanks, Mike, for
> entertaining our crew, Joan, Cindy, and Leslie with your stories....Joan
> mentioned some tale about "hairy legged guys in tights"? Hmmmmm.. <grin>
> Lynne, you did a GREAT job with the web site.  Joan was on the cell
> phone all day calling her family and friends directing them to it.
> Looking forward to the other 50 pictures. Saw that trailer you had over
> there with all the PC gear...high tech!

Jim, that was buffalo, not beef. Sure was good, yummmmmmmmmm..........

> The FOOD was never ending.  Great Turkey and Beef Brisket, veggies, and
> lots of other stuff at the banquet. My plate was so full I looked at the
> dessert and decided to come back....think it was Cobbler.  When I came
> back it was ALL GONE! WAH!!!  Oh well, probably wouldn't have been good
> for my girlish figure anyway.  Sunny couldn't carry a heavyweight.
> Another night we had Pizza, and there were treats (candy bars, oranges,
> snacks, etc.) at the vet checks. Class Ride!

I did notice you rubbing your hands a bit while you were putting up your
guitar. One heck of a party. Sort of a cross between a Southern Baptist tent
revival and a burlesque show! Who was the guy on the table dancing?

> The ENTERTAINMENT was lots of fun.  Got to pick a little guitar on two
> nights with Tommy Crain and John Crance.  Thanks guys, for putting up
> with me.  Amy Whelan, who has a GREAT voice, sang for us.  Several
> others joined us as well.  If anybody knows the guy who got up, borrowed
> Tommy's guitar and sang the AERC song, I sure would like to have the
> words and music to that!  Another lady sang a Patsy Cline song..... My
> fingers were worn out!  Some unexpected entertainment was provided by
> some non-AERC riders who showed up at the party Saturday nite.
> Hmmm...gotta admit, it was different!

Absolutely great show by the juniors.

> The JUNIORS in the 50 just wowed us by crossing the finish line together
> holding hands with all of us applauding until our hands hurt. Hope
> someone got a picture of that.  Unfortunately, I don't think any of the
> 100 mile juniors finished. Angie, congrats on the great job you did with
> the juniors.

Vets couldn't have been better.

> The VETS and vet check volunteers were just unbelievable.  Kept
> everything moving, never had to wait. Thanks to all of you.  No way it
> could have been any better. Best in this area I have ever experienced.

Not you fault so stop kicking yourself.

That was one tough trail. I found a rock with my name on it, and the Jbird
got a minor strain in the fetlock. I know exactly which rock it was out of
the 25 million on the trail! Hit it took about three lame steps. We started
to go back to the camp but after those three steps he was fine again so I
thought a little sting and he was fine. We trotted and galloped the rest of
the loop and he seemed sound but was a bit off at the check:-(.  A little
swelling on Sat night, but it was down and looked pretty normal after a
marathon 16 hour trailer ride on Sunday. No swelling or heat, but the vet is
coming out for an ultrasound and we'll probably do some shoeing mods.
Anyway great ride. We were about where we wanted to be when he came up off
at the second check. Bummer



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