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Horse attacked by turtle

Just had to pass this story on, maybe will bring a laugh.
It caused me to laugh once it was all over.

Was watching my horses in the pasture yesterday morning
and noticed my little arab, Phaxxton, was acting funny. Looking
at something, head bobbing, pawing. (I thought maybe he is colicy)
Went out to investigate and of course had to take my two shelties
with me. As I got closer I thought he had killed a small critter that had
got in the way, but at second glance it was a huge snapping turtle,and
he was mad. As soon as the dogs saw him they started in on the herding
thing, barking, snapping at him, circling him. That brought all the other
horses over to investigate. I am trying to get this turtle out of the field 
someone gets hurt but he is so big I can't budge him. I call the dogs off and
was going back to the house to get the husband to remove him but before
I could turn my back Phax stuck his nose down  and that turtle leapt at
him, grabbed him by the muzzle and Phax reared up with a turtle stuck to
his face. Took off at a gallop and that turtle hung on, finally I think
Phax's nose ripped and the turtle fell to the ground. I was so mad at
that point, I picked up the turtle by his tail and slung him out of the
pasture. (amazing how strong you can be at moments) Went into the house
told my hubby to go out and shoot a turtle that had just ripped my horses
face off. He thought I was insane. I grabbed my medical supplies and went
outside to clean up the damage on my pitiful horse. I think Phax was more
embarrassed that the other horses had witnessed this episode than he was
hurt. Cleaned him up and luckily it was just a superficial tear on his muzzle.
Went back in the house and wanted to know if the husband had killed the turtle
yet. No he let him go into the lower pond because he thought I was kidding!
I wasn't...but to late now. I will have be watching for him in the spring 
when he
treks back though the horse pasture to the upper pond.

Warning: Beware of those turtles.

Julie R.Coats, A.H.T.
NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

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