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Finish criteria/completion award

This is an experience I once had that relates to the finish criteria discussion.  My horse and I competed in a 50 miler and he had excellent vet scores throughout the day.  He was eating, drinking and we were enjoying our ride.  After the finish, he reached criteria right away and I had him checked by the vet for his final completion.  We were thrilled to have finished and everything was going great.  I took him back to the trailer and he started munching down on all his goodies, while I finished grooming him and organizing all our stuff.  It was maybe 50 minutes later that I noticed he began to get slight stomach cramps.  I immediately walked him over to the vets and they checked him and said he was fine, but suggested I just walk him.  I walked him around and he seemed happy and then when I stopped I could see that he was still having very mild cramps.  I went back to the vets and they said if I waited 5 more minutes I would get a completion (it had been 55 minutes since we had crossed the finish line).  I opted not to wait and asked for some medication to relieve his pain.  His criteria was normal, hydration appeared good and gut sounds were roaring.  I did not get a completion for this ride and I really didn't care.  My first priority was that my horse was comfortable and okay.  I thought the vets were very generous in trying to help us receive a completion and I thanked them for that.  
Nina Bomar

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