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Peanut-butter, Pop-tarts, and Politics

Oh migosh, just caught tonight's news;  the food drops from us generous
Americans are being fed to donkeys and horses!  A clip of an Afganistan
squeezing a package of peanut butter on the ground; they probably think
it's pureed pork.  Hope some starvinng dog got to it.  Pop Tarts, being
fed to donkeys. Crackers to horses.  I could not help but laugh...The
Afganistan's diet is beans and rice.  We send things they are not
accustomed to;  they'd really enjoy some nice goat head  and flat bread. 
Susan G. may say crackers and chips are not good horse food, but if the
people are starving, I am sure their animals are also.  So, if ya gotta
die, die with a full belly of Pop Tarts and chips.  renie

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