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Re: Waste :) Measuring the Equine By-Product

Just to add to the math.  My three horses can produce 6 tractor scoops in one week.  Took three years for it to compost.  With no rain, my pile could be an archeological find in the third millenium.
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From: Tina Rushing
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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:10 PM
Subject: RC: Waste :) Measuring the Equine By-Product

But that is fresh poundage. 
After 24 hours in the sun it has dehydrated weight is reduced... 70%? 
Shouldn't we measure in yards? 
Rough guess:  I think my horse produces .25 yards/day (disclaimer below). 
It is more compact after a year of composting.   
I compost my manure.  I just moved a 3-year accumulation of lovely manure compost. 
It was only 6 tractor scoops.  Loaded with earthworms.  Great for the garden. 
If you think we're on the right track I'll try to guess how many yards are in 6 tractor scoops (disclaimer applies). 
A math geek will have to figure out the volume reduction induced by composting ;-)  Don't overlook that the earthworms add volume!  Oooh, a heavy date with the scientific calculator, eh? 
What class are you doing this project for, Amanda?  (reply privately so we don't ire the list)
Tina Rushing
El Granada, CA 
(disclaimer:  I'm a garden geek - no math skill to speak of) 
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Subject: RC: Waste :)

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