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RE: I Don't Much Like This New World

I to wonder about the kind of world this is now.  The world is changed but
there are some things that still remain.  I did an endurance ride in Nevada
this weekend and was struck on how fortunate we are to experience this.  The
sagebrush ocean, with its sweet smell of sage, and awesome mountains.
Riding my great little Arab mare.  We are blessed.
But the first great war of the 21st century began September 11.  The US is a
target because we are powerful, rich, good and blessed.  We are resented for
our power, envied for our wealth, and hated for our liberty.  These
massacres were an attempt to defeat the will and depress the spirits of the
Our national symbols excite fear and wrath of those in the world that feel
shortchanged.  Anyone who has a quarrel with their situation will find us,
with varying degrees of truth, implicated in their situation.  I think that
our exposure to these emotions is a badge of honor. 
But this has been an act of war.  The agents must not be pursued by
legalistic maneuvers and devices.  The attackers commanders, allies and
patrons must be hunted down and killed.  If in the process we hit a few of
the warriors who where not involved in this war, that will not be a great
Reports of dancing in the streets of Middle Eastern cities is graphic proof
that our enemies are not just ideologues or leaders.  Striking the
war-making capacity of these hostile nations may involve "clearing" some of
those streets.  When that happens, we should not shrink!  There is no middle
ground here.  
We need our military to punish offenses and intimidate enemies.  
But as bad as this loss has been, this country has suffered worse.  The
enemy once occupied Washington and burned the White House.  The greatest
loss of life occurred in the Civil War, brother against brother.  The
systems and character that emerged from these will emerge from this.  The
United States, for all its sins, is the best the world has to offer.  
We should be of good cheer.  We should go about our usual functions and
conduct ourselves with confidence and spirit.  This is what Winston
Churchill told the British to do in W.W.II.  Remember that we are ENDURANCE
RIDERS, we don't shrink from a difficult challenge.  Neither do our horses,
there is NO QUIT OUR CABALLOS and there should be none in us.
God Bless America.

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From: Howard Bramhall []
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 10:03 PM
Subject: RC: I Don't Much Like This New World

There are days, when I wake up, look around me and wonder, where did the old
world go to?  You know, that world we used to live in before September 11th.
My memory of the old world is still very clear; this new one, which appeared
with such violence and mass destruction, is a complete mystery.  And, for
some reason, I don't think the old world is ever going to return.  Ever!
I went to the airport today.  Daytona Beach has the smallest airport you
ever did see.  One commercial carrier (Delta) and I don't think they'll stay
here much longer.  Judging from the heavy road traffic, I think all the out
of towners (bikers and beach lovers) are arriving here by car or motorcycle.
Nobody seems to be flying into Daytona anymore.
I had to go to the airport to renew my security badge; the one I need to get
to work at the airport's Weather Station, which just happens to be in the
same building as the airport's Fire Department (yea, I work along real life
heroes, although my guys don't seem to be near as busy as the ones in New
York).  My badge hadn't expired yet, but it seems anyone who has one had to
get it revalidated.  Because of the new world that we all find ourselves in,
my existence required revalidation.
As I drove around the passenger terminal I had to maneuver my pick up truck
around barricades blocking several roads leading to the passenger drop off
point.  Seems like this drop off area no longer really exists.  Instead I
see military vehicles, and several police cars, all parked where passengers
would normally unload their luggage from the car and begin the process that
puts their bag in the belly of the aircraft.  But things are not normal
anymore.  That was part of the old world; the new one does not allow for
such convenience.
I find overwhelming sadness looking at my new airport.  It does not have a
friendly face anymore, the one that used to say, "Hi, isn't this a great
airport?  Talk about convenience, and it's only a few bucks a day to park
your car.  No lines.  And our planes always leave on time, here at Daytona
Beach."  Now, the airport says, "Be careful.  Don't even think of bringing
along anything that could be used as a weapon.  Leave the toenail clippers
at home.  We're not very friendly anymore.  Things have gotten way too
serious for us to be nice.  Just stand in line, don't complain, get on the
airplane, and be careful who you talk to. And if you see anyone around you
acting like a terrorist, be prepared to tackle him and risk your life to
prevent him from entering the cockpit."
I don't much like this new world.  I know that we won't be able to bring
back the old one, not ever, and that thought breaks my heart.  This new one
is cold, forbidden, and damn scary.  And, once the sadness passes, I find
myself extremely angry.  I want to punish those who changed my world.  Who
made it this cold, dark, unfriendly place.  I want to punish them bad.  And,
maybe, this feeling, this anger, is the answer to why they hate us like they
do.  They feel we changed their world to the point where attacking us was
their only option.  This revelation does little to enlighten me; I'm still
extremely angry.
I have visions; ideas.  Thoughts that make me feel better.  I'll share one
with you.  Instead of dropping food for the refugees along the borders of
Afghanistan, I envision dropping gas masks.  Not to the refugees, but
adjacent the terrorist camp areas.  I want the terrorists to know that they
will need these masks very shortly. Funny thing is, when they put them on
they'll soon find out we forgot to install those precious filters. They're
not the only ones who know how to use biological and chemical weapons.  I'm
pretty sure we invented the damn stuff.
Of course, we won't do such a thing.  Not very politically correct, and
might get us in trouble with the few friends we seem to have left in that
part of the world.  Friends that only remain that way as long as our check
doesn't bounce.  Our only true friend seems to be Tony Blair.  And if these
madmen crash a plane into Big Ben, I think Tony and George will begin
discussing total eradication of the problem. What other choice do they have?
These are the thoughts that one ponders in our new world.
This new world is so dark, so bleak.  I have such fond memories of the old
one; it seems so pure, so innocent, so bright and full of hope, looking back
on it all now.  I can only visit her in my dreams; a world devoid of anthrax
scares, and military encampments.  If there was only a way to bring her back
into my life.  If there was only a way. 

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