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Del Valle Vulture Venture Ride--Wonderful!

Mary Abbott
Well, I just checked Ride Camp expecting to see a bunch of posts about how
great the first Del Valle Vulture Venture ride was this weekend, and there
was only a post from Jane Cloud (ride manager) thanking the riders!  Come
on guys!  Wasn't this ride great?!  Let's see some more posts thanking the
ride management, and the park!

Okay, well I just have to tell you my horse and I had a such a good time!
First of all, driving down from the foothills in the evening I ran into
two friends with their trailers on the interstate (small world, huh?) so
we carvanned in right after dark.  Jane directed us to some good places to
park.  We met so many nice folks!

In the a.m., I did the 25 on my horse.  I hadn't done a 25 in years--and
it was so fun!  I slept in while my friends got up for the 50.  There were
a lot of folks doing the 25, and we talked along the way.  And my horse,
Swede, he started to go faster and faster... Why?  I think it was because
there were no rocks! Weeeee...!!  (Nice change from the foothills and
mountains and Nevada!)  There were hot grilled cheese sandwiches and hot
dogs for us at lunch! (The rancher's dog who followed us really liked
that!  And yes, he did get picked up and taken home, thanks to the tag he
wore!)  Got home before the 50's... Relaxed.  Hmmm... I think I am going
to consider doing 25's more.

In the a.m., hardly anyone else was left.  Swede and I went out for
another ride for a few hours.  Again, we had a great time!  Came back and
no one was there.  I was a bit concerned because I was almost out of
diesel.  (Didn't realize the park was quite so far.)  But a super nice
ranger gave me some (diesel, that is)!  (Don't tell his boss.)  He also
told me that the camping area looked really clean.  (Yeah!)  Folks did do
a good job of cleaning up, but Jane went around with a pitch fork and a
wheel barrel in the morning and did a bit extra work to make sure...

Anyhow, it was a great ride.  I am already looking forward to next year.

Mary & Swede
Grass Valley, CA

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