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Re: RC: RO

Hey...AERC National this!

At my ride this weekend, only one horse was pulled as
eluded to in an earlier post.  The vet wrote on the
stats report the nature of the lameness although no
treatment was given nor indicated.  It'll only take
time.  He didn't write very large and his explaination
only took up a line and a half.

--- wrote:
> In a message dated Tue, 9 Oct 2001 10:30:36 PM
> Eastern Daylight Time, Susan Young Casey
> <> writes:
> >On the other hand, if I feel a
> > little something off with my horse but the best
> vet
> > eye can't see it yet but I pull anyway, here is
> the
> > part where the vet can report more accurately what
> was
> > going on.  The vet can report on the survey sheet
> that
> > the rider felt the horse was becoming lame
> although
> > there was no observable signs of lameness.
> Exactly.  And it is still reported as L for lame. 
> What happens on the sheet is that minor problems do
> not get write-ups, but any that require any sort of
> treatment, or suggested treatment (even if it is
> just a support wrap) are supposed to be written up. 
> That process also needs some more uniformity, but in
> general, the L's with no writeups are the minor
> ones.
> > This is an education issue that needs to be
> covered
> > with ride vets *before* the ride.  If a horse
> meets
> > the criteria that it is to be pulled, it is pulled
> > with either a L or M code.  Like you said, the
> horse
> > is in trouble and it doesn't matter who makes the
> > decision to pull.
> Not only is this an education issue for the vets, it
> is also an education issue for the RM's.  A brief
> note in ride packets explaining WHY we have pull
> codes and how they are to be used would be EXTREMELY
> useful in helping us toward more uniform use of
> them.
> Heidi
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