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Aching Ankles

My new horse and I did her first endurance ride at Biltmore.  She did fine and was only limited by her rider.  I have never had trouble with my ankles before - have ridden another horse 50 miles at Biltmore last year (in a Desoto saddle) and my old horse numerous miles for years without pain.
This is the first time I have ridden my new horse this long in my new (8 months) Desoto saddle and feel that it may be the stirrups.  Trotting really bothered me - so much so that I got off to walk and when I did my ankles collapsed and I ended up walking on the sides of my feet - got back on after that experience.  Talk about RO pull being tempting after the third loop!
Both ankles were bruised on both sides by the next day.
Does anyone have any suggestions?  Sure would appreciate any thoughts.
Barbara Williams


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