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Re: RC: Sand as Stall Footing/Colic Question.

Here in the great northwest we often have no choice but to have our horses on 
sand.  I say (having experienced both) that having a horse standing in mud is 
MUCH worse than standing on sand.  All that moisture is really hard on their 
feet, grooming is really a pain.  I have actually seen a couple horses 
(obviously not well cared for) that had to wait until they shed their winter 
coats because the mud was caked on so thick that trying to get it out of the 
coat was very painful.  And this can happen to a certain extent, particularly 
on the lower legs, in a short time (like days).  Also the mud usually has 
manure mixed with it, as it's really hard to pick the manure out of the mud.  
Not very healthy.

We use a big metal tub that is about 30" deep and fairly narrow, for feeding. 
 Some of the horses pull all the hay out, but others adapt pretty well to 
using this type of feeder.  They are still eating at ground level, just not 
directly off the ground.  Also, learn to do the sand test.  I know it has 
been described in the Archives, also many books or magazine articles have the 

This place sounds wonderful, and the guy obviously takes care of things.  

good luck, jeri

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