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Re: Re: Fwd: RC: Funny smelling beet pulp

> I wouldn't feed beet pulp with wood in it either, at least not to horses.
> Cattle could handle it no problem, but horses aren't as efficient a
> fermenter, and you could wind up with impaction problems.
> I had a similar attitude problem with a feed store once.  They got pretty
> snippy because I was returning a moldy bale of hay and no, "pro-rating" me
> for the unused portion wasn't okay with me

My big beet pulp fiasco was a large order of 10 bags I got last
year.....every bag had at least one
dehydrated rat in it. They basically looked like furrier clumps of
beetpulp-the the little feet and tail's were dead giveaways.  Feed store
replaced them with no hesitation...even though I had saved the rats as
proof; they didn't care to see them!

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