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Re: RC: RE: Pull codes

If a horse is not "quite right" isn't he in fact having some metabolic issues?  The reason for accurate pull codes is to aid in developing an accurate statistical description of the effects of endurance riding on the horses so that the safety can be improved.

It should not matter who decides to pull a horse that isn't quite right - it's a metabolic issue at the root cause. If a horse is pulled because the horse feels a little off - it's a lameness issue at the root.  These pulls should be documented correctly as metabolic in the first case and lameness in the second. To do anything else will bias the statistics.

If the rider is sick and pulls, then an RO is appropriate.


Kathy Mayeda wrote:

I got an RO also, for bringing my horse back to the vet after passing the lunch vet check and he wasn’t “quite right”.   I wonder if you took the RO option out of it and a metabolic would go against the horse, that people would continue under these circumstances anyway because they don’t want to have a “metabolic” pull against the horse’s record.


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