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Rule clarification

My mentally young  7 year old gelding was having a hard time getting his
heart rate down after an LD this past weekend.  When he completed the ride
he had a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step, however, he was
completely stressed out that his stable mate, who had finished the ride
earlier, was back at the trailer.  There was a lot of hollering going on
between the horses and every time something moved he had to take a look,
shooting his heart rate back up.

By AERC rules, could I have brought over the other horse so the gelding
could have settled down?  I read through the rules this morning and could
not find any reference to this but I had one competitor tell me it was not
allowed and others have told me it would have been okay.

PS The gelding received all A's on his post ride checkout 1/2 hour later. 

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