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Y'all keep talking about the long or short bed. It is not the bed, there are allot of cab/bed designs. The real issue is the wheel base. There are 3 lengths of wheel base the shortest has a short bed and a reg. cab. the middle has the long bed, reg cab, or like mine the short bed and extended cab.  Then the longest wheel base has the huge crew cabs. Those are the nicest for just going straight down the hwy with allot more stuff, and a real smooth ride.  But if you can only afford one vehicle, and have to live with it every day, not very practical.  Cant get in and out of Wall-mart. The true short wheel base is not good for hauling a goose neck. It is to short, and kind of a rough ride. But the regular wheel base, with either a reg cab, or extended cab is, I think, the best.It's what I have, I love my truck. The backseat is a God send for hauling stuff.Groceries, saddles, the dog, whatever you don't want in the back. In the bed  I have plenty of room for all the stuff I want to haul to rides. Just got home from Outlaw trail. I took 4 bales of hay, a 50 gal. water,extra propane bottle, extra spare tire, and 6 large sacks of New Mexico chilies, I'll admit to looking like the Clampets going down the road, but nothing fell out! I have herd about people hitting the cab with the trailer. You got no business turning that sharp any how, the back tires on the trailer will drag sideways, do that on a paved parking lot and then look at that thick black streak of your tire left on the pavement. I'm no truck trailer expert, This is just what works for me, and why. Happy truck hunting.
 Anne George Saddlery  

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