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Re: RC: Re: Self Waterers/ Cold Climate

In a message dated Wed, 3 Oct 2001  9:16:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Cora" <> writes:

> With self water systems, you never "know" how much your horse drinks. You
> should really use a container, so that it can be measured, "daily".....

While there is much to be said for knowing an individual horse's water consumption, when one is watering a large group of horses in cold weather it is far easier to maintain a supply of reasonably warmish water with one large communal water tank (heated and/or automatic) or with heated waterers.  Trying to deal with small tanks or buckets in sub-zero weather is enough to wear one to a frazzle, and when dealing with large groups of horses in a communal setting in ANY weather, it simply isn't practical.


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