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The 'silly arab'

The really neat thing about owning an Arab in non Arab country is that since you are already on the 'silly thang' you can much more easily get by with being seen riding with....gasp...a helmet and tights and with a somewhat western style 'funny' saddle with NO saddle horn...and perhaps half chaps, a heart rate monitor, a GPS, and at least a half dozen clips on your saddle not to mention the odd Easy Boot on a hoof!

Seriously, I hope you have fun with your new Arabian.  My neighbor rushed out to buy an Arabian when she saw mine.  She had never ridden one and said, 'golly he's spooky'.  But he wasn't!  I had to explain to her that Arabs travel differently than stock horses and were interested in their surroundings.  Don't misinterpret those perky ears and higher head carriage for spookiness.

Kris and Nyke and Kolter, too!

 Horror of horrors my new guy is a "silly Arab" and
of course a grey at that :o  Looks like ride campers
are rubbing off on me...I never thought I would see
the day when I would actually buy a non-paint, let
alone one of those "crazy Arabs" (hope you guys know
I'm kidding so no flaming here) My paint horse show
buddies will all disown me....sigh...already they
think I'm a bit looney for wanting to do endurance.

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