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Re: RE: ShortBed vs. LongBed

> I am also looking for a new truck and have been pondering the long bed vs.
> short bed decision.  I have heard some people say you cannot pull a
> gooseneck trailer with a short bed and others say you can, but it has to
> mounted EXACLTY right in the bed so as not to hit the cab of the truck.
> Haven't had a chance to talk to any trailer manufacturers yet.
> Levon

My '88 Moritz 18' gooseneck stock trailer (bought used) is something
I've never seen elsewhere:  a so-called "half goose."  The gooseneck
is only about 4' deep, with the actual hitch extending forward from there.

There's no danger of it hitting the cab short of a full jackknife, and there
isn't that "tower hovering over your head" feeling that there is with
a full goose.  I've got a regular cab (not extended) with a full 8' bed.

Not that you'd want to replace your trailer just to accommodate the
new truck...

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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