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Saddle & saddle pad

Dona Hunter
I know this subject is way overdone.  I have read most of the archieves
trying to glean what information I can.  I am just a trailrider.  I ride
15 miles on average once or twice a week.  I am an over weight woman, way
over weight.  I am also almost 50 and have become a more cautious rider.
I own a 15'1 hand Tennessee Walker mare, she is medium wither, wide and
short backed.  She carries me well.  Her current saddle does not fit.  I
have dry marks behind the withers.  I have an fleece backed Austrailian
saddle.  I really like the saddle for me.  Not for my mare.  I am thinking
of getting either a DeSoto endurance saddle or one made by Dave Genedik
(sp?)  Any opinions?

At one time I owned an Orthoflex traditional.  This saddle fit my previous
horse, but not this one.  The Orthoflex sets me to far away from my horse.
Plus the panels were too long on my mares back.

I would also like to know what saddle pads work well.  Does a good saddle
pad make a difference?  Any advice would be appreciated on saddle pads and

Dona Hunter

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