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Re: RC: Re: barefoot

on 10/1/01 9:18 AM, Robyn Levash at wrote:

> The weirdest observation is that last year when shod, I noticed the flies
> always really bothered my two shod horses, while the two barefoot horses has
> little to no flies on them. This year all the horses are barefoot, and it
> seems as if the flies must be on vacation or something. They sure like my
> neighbors shod horses though.
I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious to think that not shoeing a horse is
going to be responsible for every little thing good that happens. They
excrete toxins better, make your horse sweat less, and now ripping the ol'
shoes off makes the flies stay away! What is next? Taking shoes off will
make him trailer load better or make him smarter? I'm not attacking you, but
don't we think these claims are getting a wee bit preposterous? That seems
pretty far fetched as do most of these claims and I own a barefoot horse.
There ain't a darned difference in the two except the barefoot mare gets
ouchy after a couple hours riding in the sharp rocks.

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