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Re: Living in California

Hi, Suzanne -

There are trails in the Grass Valley area.  That is where the Scotts Flat
Ride is held, and also the one Robert Ribley put on recently (don't recall
the name, it's a new ride).  Also, GV is only 17 or so miles from Auburn,
where you will find miles of trail in the American River canyon.

Joan Dowis

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Subject: RC: Living in California

Hi All

My husband and I are most likely relocating to California next year. I
do long distance riding (mostly competitive trail but would like to do
endurance someday). We've narrowed it down to three areas: Grass Valley,
Weed, and Ukiah. Do any of you live in these areas? Are there trails

Any information would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me
privately if you'd like. Thanks much.


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