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An e-lyte question from SA

Hi guys (nice to see the Americans up and about ;-)) )

First, our rules state that we may not apply any substance with a syringe into the horse's mouth, so e-lyting the way you guys do it, is out.

So, I've always given the powder lytes in the meal at the rest stop - the concentrate is mixed with water and chopped carrots and the dose of lytes - and a big bucket of water is provided.  I normally start with the breakfast before race-day and dose with every meal - free choice hay and water is always provided.

Now, my question is this - since you paste the lytes and generally found that it works for you, do any of you see any drawbacks in the way I'm doing it?  And also, have any of you tried the way I do it, and if so, what problems or successes have you found with this method?

Maybe I should also say that we ride loops, generally 30, 30, 20 kilometer loops with non-groomed water points roughly every 10 kms, so plenty of water along the way as well.


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