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Re: RC: barefoot

In a message dated 10/1/2001 8:23:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

The sweat used to just run off
him, now he just gets damp, and I can now feed small amounts of alfalfa
without him stocking up and getting muscle cramps in the hindquarters as
soon as I start working him.

This might be do to better conditioning also.

<<I stopped vaccinating him a few years ago because they always left him acting sickly for a few days.>>

Oh Boy, This scares me.  I would much better have my horse feel sickly for a few days than to face the disease itself.  This could mean death in some cases.
You must not travel with this horse either.  Since it is required to vaccinate before crossing other state lines.  In some states, (AZ) you can't even travel within the state without proper Vaccinations.  Another thing is exposing your horse to all other horses that travel into your endurance rides that you've attended.  Your horse might be the one to get sick.   We've seen this happen not to long ago with Strangles here in So. Cal.  Sure, the horses didn't catch it for a few years after not vaccinating, but it caught up with a lot of horses in the last few years.
    Anyone, not considering using prevention, could be in for sorrow....
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