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Re: RC: Shoes, Boots, Barefooted, whatever.....

Hello guest,

Saturday, September 29, 2001, 12:10:40 AM, you wrote:

gen> Dru Montemayor
gen>  I will remind all new folks who read this forum, that endurance riding as
gen> a horse sport in general, is one of the most tolerant, individualistic,
gen> independant, do it your way kind of equestrianne sports that anybody can
gen> hope to find on the planet. We don't really care if your horse wears shoes
gen> or not, or has a brown saddlepad or a purple one , what saddle or bridle
gen> you use, if you wear jeans or bicycle tights, boots or tennies, if you use
gen> Easyboots or Old Macs or Equithotics or rawhide on your horses hooves.Our
gen> differences keep it interesting to say the least. Heck, those of us old
gen> enough to remember, had a friend named Cowman who ran with a set of horns
gen> on his head, and we liked him regardless, but mainly because he reminded
gen> us to keep our sense of humor. This is supposed to be FUN people ! Please
gen> don't forget.Part of the beauty of our sport is that you can try anything.
gen> No one will discriminate against you for trying ANYTHING that makes you or
gen> your horse comfortable at rides, as long as it does not hurt the horse or
gen> other people.We WANT to see everyone succeed in their own way in their own
gen> time.What you use and how you use it is up to you. Believe me,if you do
gen> enough miles, you will find out what works (for you) eventually.
gen> Dru (I paint my easyboots bright yellow):-)

Nice post, just curious, what do you paint your easyboots with? I lost
an easy boot on a training ride a year and a half ago. A neighbor just
found it in his yard. Would love to know how it got there. :-)

Best regards,

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