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Re: RC: Portable corrals for safe for stallions.

Have you seen our Safety Pen? We developed it due to traveling with a mare & 
stallion. pen.htm
We'll be at the Nat. Champ. ride in Kentucky if you want to see one.

Nancy Mitts

>To: <>
>Subject: RC:  Portable corrals for safe for stallions but light and easy to 
>Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 13:11:09 -0700
>Karen Webb
>I am looking for a portable corral set-up for my stallion to take on
>endurance rides.  I am tired of tying him on a picket line which simply
>doesn't give him enough room to move around.  However, an electric
>portable fence situation is out of the question for his safety and that of
>other horses.  I have been looking at portable corral panels but most are
>too heavy or too flimsy looking.  Saw one set-up at the Biltmore ride that
>looked like 5'wide round pen panels which looked pretty sturdy yet might
>be managable for me, but could never find the owner to ask about it.
>Anyone out there with stallions with suggestions?
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