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Re: RC: Rutter's nomination comments

The pull code for finishing over the maximum time is "OT" .
It has been one of the options in the ride results for at least 10 years 
that I know of.
Nancy Mitts

>To: <>
>Subject: RC:  Rutter's nomination comments
>Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 12:39:32 -0700
Also, while I'm at it, please consider adding pulled
>because of  "time" or "over-time limit" to reasons why a horse didn't
>complete.  It looks ridiculous to put rider option  and make folks
>questions whether a horse was OK, when often, especially on 100s, the
>horse may be absolutely fine, but the rider just misjudged the speed or
>the terrain and ran out of time prior to the finish and so pulled at a
>stop.  Having personally quit the Tevis and the Big Horn 100s at the last
>vet check, with a horse in excellent condition, after passing the vet
>check, because there was no way I could make the 24 hour limit, I'd prefer
>to be able to give a more accurate accounting.
Collins, AERC #176

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