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Exogenous, What Is...

Right on, Doctor Duck!  People who are not chemists should be cautious about
what they put into their horses.
Tina Rushing
El Granada, CA

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From: Cynthia Eyler <>
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Date: Thursday, January 25, 2001 9:21 AM
Subject: RC: Fw: Exogenous ??

Here's the explanation from the Duck himself (I have his permission to
forward this to Ridecamp).
Exogenous means that it comes from outside the body, as opposed to an
endogenous substance, like the endogenous cortisone coming from the adrenal
glands.  Anything put into the animal from outside sources would be
endogenous.  I was referring to all of the nutricuticals, electrolytes and
drugs in general.  I do happen to be especially leery of CarboCharge.
Carbohydrate loading was used by Dr. Coffman of KSU to induce laminitis in
horses so that the disease could be studied.  The practice of carbo loading
was the cause of a number of disasters in the middle 70's.  There are
undoubtedly a number of beneficial substances out there, but the question is
which ones.  I am concerned with some of the unknown side
effects.  I do know that plain hay and oats works well.  The judicious use
of electrolytes can also be beneficial, but they certainly aren't necessary
all of the time at all rides.  Moderation is the key.

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