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Re: RC: Clipper question

Sue Walz wrote:
>Oster A-5's will not do for body clipping. Fine for bridle paths & faces.
>I'd suggest the Oster Groom-Master. At 1.5 lbs it's easier to manage than
>the 4 lb. Clip-Master & still has sufficient power & the wide blades...

I tried A-5's with the wide 10 blade to body clip Night Star the Bear's
thick winter coat.  Ha, ha, ha.  It was particularly funny where,
after six hours, I'd only got half of him done, and he had to spend
the night 1/2 thick wooly black and 1/2 kinda raggedy mouse gray.
Two days later I finally finished him--one more day for the other half,
and another day trying to smooth out the mess.  He looked terrible all

Get something bigger.  It also helps to wash the horse first.  This
gets the dirt out of the coat, which keeps the blades sharp longer.
But make sure he is bone dry before you start to clip; trying to
clip damp hair is a whole other nightmare.

Does anybody know where you can get *longer tooth* blades for the
4 lb Clip-Master?  Longer than the standard 10's?  I'd like the option
to leave more hair than the 10's will allow.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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