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Re: Temper tantrums?

Invest in Trailor Ties.  They are up high and a horse cannot pull back as
they're tied above their heads.  Plus they can move about freely, including
lying down.  Good luck


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Subject: RC: Temper tantrums?

> Sallie Sullivan
> I have a 5 yo Arab mare who constantly insists on setting back on the
> halter while tied to the trailer.  She broke loose once while being taught
> to tie (the halter broke) and it seems she thinks one of these times it
> will happen again.  So far, it has not but not for her lack of trying.  It
> is sporadic but increasingly frequent and one of these times she's going
> to get hurt or hurt someone (me).  I've about decided it's time to resort
> to extreme measures.  A belly rope tying her to a Pin Oak in the pasture.
> Any other ideas?
> Sallie
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