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I have had barefooted horses for the last 25 years because  none of the horses we had "really needed them".  We have been through about 300-400 equine or more. Most came to us with shoes and some even with hoof problems.  We had all shoes removed and those with hoof problems got better.  All the critters were ridden regularly (Though not endurance) but you would be surprised at how many miles a kid can put on horses just for fun.  I currently have 5 equine all barefooted and am conditioning two for competition.  One mare has been to two two day CTR's and went a distance of about 40 miles in the two days (granted in the novice Division) but we are still learning things and she is young.  I have a 14 mile track along the paved road in front of my house that we ride regularly as well as the 1.5 mile track around the property.  As far as hoof growth is concerned, the ones I am conditioning need to have their hooves trimmed more often th! en the ones just standing in pasture. I went to a friends house today. She had two horses one an old QH pasture ornament (husbands horse who rarely gets used) and her Saddlebred she rides nearly daily and at a pace and distance that could rival an open CRT or even an endurance ride.  Her saddlebred's feet grow faster and need to be trimmed more often then the QH.  (nutrition is exactly the same as they share every thing and are not separated for feeding).  We both live in an area that is full of sandstone, lava, hard pan clay and sand.  She lives closer to the lake and creek so she also gets into more of the river rock as well. 
As for any lameness or bruising or abscesses. None of our barefooted horses ever had a problem with any of them.  My only problems ever was with a shod horse.  I against hoof protection "if the horse Really needs it" but  a nailed on shoe is not on my list of hoof protection.   My mule on her one and only time in shoes was the worst ride for the whole 6 weeks and she stumbled more slipped in the rocks more and all around moved bad.
I do my own trimming mainly because there is no farriers available for about 150 mile radius from where I live.  The few that are here are so bad that I would not wish them to work on my worst enemy's horses.  I do not trim much of the sole on my two that I am conditioning, they naturally wear the way they need to be, the others are trimmed to meet their needs.
For me there is no "barefooted movement" It is my way of life.  I have had barefooted horses for as long as I have ever had horses so there is absolutely no need to change now.   It ain't broke so I don't need to fix it.
--- Anna Larson
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