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Barefoot and FOF

While we're discussing barefoot riding.......

Total newbie here, Far Out Forest will be my first ride. I'm wondering if ya'll think it's ok to go barefoot (Mercdes, not me). My farrier, who admittedly does not normally do "endurance" horses, seems to think we'll be fine. I have ridden the trails around Doe Lake, as I understand it is near FOF. What I saw was deep sand and roads very similar to what we're training on......hard packed, but very little in the way of gravel or stones.

I would prefer to keep her barefoot. I had shoes on her once and she didn't gait nearly as well as she does barefoot. Plus, when it came to gravel it didn't make much of a difference in terms of "ouchiness". I am prepared to invest in easyboots and learn about the foam....but do you think it'll really be necessary for FOF? It's our first ride so I'd like to keep things as simple as possible.....we're also planning on using our whole 6 hours. :)


Patti F.

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