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Re: terroism...not! War!!

Yeah, ask my husband!  I think Gunn plaid would look great on DeeDee, red chestnut...might be too dark on bay Mariah.  Look really good on rose grey Windy. Hmmmm...ideas for rump rugs!
Gov will find who did this and take "em out...that will not solve the initial reason why these people did this (women too).  Don't think it matters if we cared why!  Haters come up with reasons to justify the hate to fill the hole the pain leaves behind...
Fighting has been going on since the beginning of man.  Haven't come very far, have we?
Beth Gunn
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From: Catherine Costner
To: Beth Gunn
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 11:23 PM
Subject: Re: terroism...not! War!!

Yep, and they stay mad for centuries.
Cathy (Clan Donald)
and the herd (It's bad enough she puts lycra on us, we're not wearing plaid)
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From: Beth Gunn
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 3:01 PM
Subject: RC: terroism...not! War!!

OK friends..The word "terroism"  spellingplease?  leaves me with the feeling of "slap on the wrist" "oh, what do You want! to "back off"?!!!
This Is War!!!  Maybe against some smart but not Intelligent, but well funded folks ....@#?**  And our government bans Us from "bearing arms" to protect ourselves against threat...oh well. put your heads in the sand some more and....suffocate!  Oh, We have been watching this  all day and want to kick their butts!!!  Hubby is a "Tom Clancy" fan and is "educating" me as we speak...So I won't do much input...
I am still here with my jaw hanging down and really wondering how it got to this point!!!  Buckle down, pray, and kick #@?##. no holds barred!!
Beth and Clann Gunn
Scots Know How to Get It Done!!

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