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Re: Re:horse question

What an awful thought!  Possible, tho.  Remember that woman in Texas who
plotted the murder of kid cheerleader that was a "competition-threat" to
woman's daughter?
However, my Danny did drop one side at 18 mos, I think.  He was pastured
with momma and her sister.  Didn't act studdy but did "pick" a lot, in rough
play.  Still does at 10 yrs.  he did not drop the other testicle until 3 1/2
yrs!  We then had him gelded that winter.
I wish I could have gelded him early.  He is slightly built everwhere
except...there!:)  And still picky and somewhat rude...we are working on
Beth Gunn
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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 4:15 PM
Subject: RC: Re:horse question

> >The trainer kept telling me from the beginning that I needed to geld my
> >  Even though my colt was beating the trainer's colt, the trainer still
> >thought my colt was not good enough to be a stallion.
> How well do you know this trainer? Could he want your colt gelded to get
> rid of the competition?
> >  So, I went to pick up
> >my colt this weekend and he has no testicles.  Trainer says he never had
> >and that was part of the reason he needed to be gelded.  The colt had one
> >thought) down when he left but that was a good many months ago.
> I repeat--how well do you know the trainer?
> >  Now, he is 16
> >months and shows no interest in mares.  He does the baby mouth thing at
> >and would rather eat grass than socialize.  My vet cannot palpate
> >and says the colt shows no signs of any stallion characteristics that she
> >would expect at this age.  We're running a testerone test, but I'm
> >if anyone else has ever experienced this?  Do horses ever just hit
> >really late?
> Did your vet look for surgical scars? I'm very probably wrong, but it
> be worth ruling out the possibility that he was gelded while away...
>                      --CMNewell
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