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Re: RC: Sierra Club

I have to agree with Greg. I had many problems with these radical - no
use best use  - groups in PA when I was working with the PA Forest to
develop multi use trails. The PA DER top dog was a Sierra club VP .. a
Gov appointed director whos ONLY agenda in office was to shut ALL
users out of the PA forests .. I bet he is still there and is behind
the Game Land problems ..
I lined up with the OFF Roaders - the BLUE RIBBON COLLATION  .. NOW
THEY do fix things. Where they go we go ..   AND they ALL DO NOT want
 run ramrod over the land .. there are radicals in all groups.
I lost votes in the BOD (AERC) run because of this position.
The Eco-wacks and greenies are well in-trenched at the working level
due the prev government GORE policy  -- read his book -
no use best use
no SUV  no 4x4 trucks - no big trucks for rec use  no ATV - no MC-dirt
bikes no mtn bikes - no snowmobiles
.. no nothing .. move into the city - NOT
Rode yesterday  today and will go on a LONG one tomorrow .. and all
hit the delete key - turn off the tv - tackup and RIDE
Wednesday, September 12, 2001, 8:39:37 PM, you wrote:

ML>     I too believe we should TRY to reach out and work with everyone we can.
ML> That does not mean everyone.  I have been following the Sierra Club for
ML> several years now, and have twice written to their (now) former president
ML> requesting an explanation of their stance re horses on trails.  I did so
ML> officially on behalf of the Kentucky Horse Council but got no response
ML> either time.

ML>     What I know is that the Sierra Club has entered 2 lawsuits against the
ML> Fed Gov't in the last 10 years calling for a blanket banning of all horse
ML> riding on USFS lands.  They are at the center of the ongoing struggle over
ML> horse access to trails in the Shawnee Nat'l Forset in Illinois.

ML>     The vast majority of members of the Sierra Club are good and reasonable
ML> people, but the leadership is made up of individuals with a much more
ML> radical agenda.  Actions speak louder than words.  The Sierra Club is one of
ML> the biggest enemies we face in our efforts to be able to ride on any public
ML> lands.  Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get the facts!!!

ML> Greg Jones

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