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Lemons.....okay for horse to eat?

Well, I always knew my mare is expert at eating while on the move....but 
this is ridiculous!

I'm trotting along, when we approach some lemon trees on our right.  My 
mare barely broke stride and she reached down and scooped up a lemon 
that had fallen from a tree!  I stopped her to get it away from her, but 
she already had the whole thing in her mouth and was in what looked like 
heavenly bliss, chomping away with lemon juice dribbling down from her 
lips.  I have never seen a horse eat a lemon!  She chowed it down whole, 
peel and all, and must have loved it, because she tried to get more of 
them.  I didn't let her.

Are lemons okay for a horse to eat?

I'm still giggling over this.  :0)

Jennifer and Mahriah the "Sour-puss"

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