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RE: RC: Flat racing arabs for endurance

OK Heidi, but what typical defects should I look for with typical racing
arabs. I have seen for example that many have long narrow heels. Many from
french origins (Chei BiBi, Maganate) are not really typey, but this is not a
point; they mostly look as Thoroughbreds.

I would like to have the opportunity to test ride them, providing they are
in a good condition and test their ability to perform and recover, but it's
very unlikely that i will get this opportunity

Leonard, Belgium
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>> >Normally, horses that performed well on the   racetrack 
>should have an increased ratio of fast twitching cells, which 
>shoul   dnot be good for what we are asking for in endurance. 
>Does this potential   increase by the specific conditioning 
>that they received or is this related to   their breeding? 
>Leonard, it has been my experience that there are families of 
>Arabs with endurance potential, and then there are families 
>with racing potential.  There are also some families that have 
>both.  If one follows the families, and finds an ex-track 
>horse from a family that has potential to do both, then the 
>racing is often a help in starting the endurance 
>career--PROVIDED the foundation was put on them right and they 
>have not been hurt.  (I see less problems with this here in 
>the US with Arabs than I do with Thoroughbreds, though.)  But 
>if the family does not have endurance potential, the racing is 
>not particularly a help.

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