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No Excuse for Terror


I find it interesting to note that those people who are the loudest
in shouting that there is NO EXCUSE FOR TERROR also appear
to be first in line to suggest that as "retaliation" "we" ought to
nuke "them" into oblivian.

As if nuking somebody into oblivian wouldn't be the quintessential
act of terror.

Obviously these people think that THEY have a good excuse.

It might also be worthwhile to note that it is unclear to me
how one might go about "punishing" somebody who has already
demonstrated that they are eager and willing to become a martyr.

If the US's response to this disaster is to seek to retaliate
against the perpetrators and hunt them down and kill them by
including in the plan the terrorization of innocent non-participants.
Even if the perpetrators are caught and "punished" in the process,
those perpetrators can die happy knowing that they have rather
proved their point.

If nothing else, why give them the satisfaction?

Orange County, Calif.

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