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RE: OT: Terrorist Attacks

Bo Parrish
My computer is being worked on, so posting from Bo's computer:
Recovering from a surgery so I can ride my horses again (does this make it
endurance related?), I'm stuck at home without even being able to drive
anywhere. Bo called from work and told me to turn on the radio. Both our
sons are in Europe.

Here is the only communication I have received from my oldest son who is
in the Air Force:

Mother, I don’t know what is going to happen, but please take this moment
to pray. All I can tell you now is that I’m okay. Please just pray and
continue to watch the news or net.

My other son and daughter-in-law are at one of the military hospitals.
Maria is in the Army and just last week delivered our first granddaughter.
Unfortunately, little Sarah took a turn for the worse, so they are all
spending time in the hospital now.

As fasterhorses and Jamie said, “take deep breaths, settle down...., take
control” and “pray”.
I pray for everyone involved and directly affected by this....
Linda Parrish (wishing my boys were home)
Kennard, TX

-----Original Message-----

In short, we all need to take deep breaths, settle down more firmly in the
saddle, relax our muscles, flush the adrenaline from our systems and take
control, not lose it.

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