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Re: RC: RE: Re Terrorist--Maryanne's post

Maybe that info is being suppressed.  Maybe they havent said anything 'cause they are planning more surprises. Or maybe they want us to think so, and  enjoying watching the reaction.  Los Angeles is locking down like a prison now. Everything is closed: Disneyland, Knotts Berry farm, the county fair, the federal buildings, the courts, the airports, the museums, (The Museum of Tolerance was first) JPL is closed.  Everyone is hunkered down. It is so quiet today.  Not even a lawn mower. Lots of kids in the LA area did not go to school. A friend called me from Simi Valley. Her kids went, but nobody was in the classrooms, so they just went home.  I went riding for a little while. that helped.  (3 year old filly kept trying to turn around and bite my foot.-that takes your mind off!)   Beth

>From: "Allie."
>Subject: RC: RE: Re Terrorist--Maryanne's post
>Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 16:04:01 -0400
> > One is that if this were a foreign terrorist organisation, they
> > should be killing themselves to claim such a victory. But they are not. No
> > one has claimed anything. Another point brought up by people interviewed on
> > CNN is the amazing organisation and planning required to handle this
> > tragedy. Two US airlines....only two. We sit here in the Middle East with
> > images of Oklahoma City in our minds....and what better way to misdirect
>I'm wondering if they aren't claiming it yet because there are other people
>on other planes who are trying to get somewhere other than an airport or a
>major city -- I mean, other terrorists who were going to hijack a plane, but
>they didn't because the element of surprise was gone by then. There were two
>planes that crashed, the one in Pennsylvania and then another one, but
>United did not say where it landed. Though it will be hard to keep that
>information from the press/public unless they all present a united front to
>keep it out of the news -- and they might do that because there is a
>terrorist on board and they don't want anyone to know s/he was caught.
>I'm puzzled as well -- why doesn't someone step forward? Don't they want the
>world to know how clever they were? Or do they have more things planned and
>they are just waiting until they're done. The minute they claim it, whoever
>"they" are, they will be watched very carefully, someone will know something
>somewhere -- someone always does.
>Or maybe I read too much fiction. (:
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