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RE: Terrorist Attacks

Columbia University is actually north and west of Central Park....right next
door to Harlem actually. As they put it, they feel relatively safe since who
wants to bomb Harlem? They are about 100 city blocks north of the bombings.
But the university is very centralised and can actually be closed with 20
foot iron gates so they should be ok. Lots of the students are going across
the street to St. Luke's to give blood. We have a very close friend, our
very Jewish family lawyer, who takes care of the kids needs there is wathing
out for them. Bennet was my first worry because his office is just next to
Grand Central Station and he does a lot of work in the financial district.
But I reached his wife Linda and she says he's ok. Scary. I was shopping
down there last week.

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Subject: Terrorist Attacks


Are your kids OK? How far is Columbia U from downtown?  Do they have
someplace outside of NYC that they could go to if they needed to?  I think
that all American's are terrified at this point.  This is not something that
we are used to.

Carolyn Burgess

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