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RE: Re: RE: Sierra Club?

Most bicyclists in the West are pretty cool about horses, and most horses are pretty cool about bicycles.  (Real fun on a green horse, though.)  I believe there are a couple of instances where bicyclists joined forces - or at least had cooperative educational ventures - with equestrians.  At the Fireworks Ride, the bicyclists were part of the volunteer force.  Most hikers don't see enough horses so when they do see us, it's a total novelty.  And hunters?  We don't shoot Bambi in our neck of the woods.  Have to go to more remote regions of California before the Bambi's fear for their life from humans.  Most deer around here are pretty brazen.  It's a good thing my horse shares the same pasture with them!
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From: Howard Bramhall []
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 5:26 PM
Subject: RC: Re: RE: Sierra Club?

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From: Bob Morris
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 6:07 PM
Subject: RC: RE: Sierra Club?
From my experience here in the West, be very careful of what you wish for!
Bob Morris
I really think equestrian trail riders, endurance ones in particular, need to know that the only ones who will take care of our rights (what's left of them) is us.  People who ride horses in the great outdoors need to stick together and pay attention to what local authorities are doing.  Because they will take it away from you if you aren't paying close attention.  We are the minority here, and we need to be aware that most other citizens could care less about our horses or our trails.
We cannot expect bicyclists, hunters, hikers, or members of the Sierra Club to share our goals.  What has happened in Pennsylvania is a prime example.  Hunters, bicyclists and hikers usually don't want us with them.  And in PA, hunters got their wish, cause they have the power and the bucks out there.  And that's who wins.  It never comes down to what is fair, what is just, what is right.  It's who has the  money to retain the best attorney and obtain the most political clout.  And who has the largest numbers.  Look around; our numbers are small.
I know I've said this before, but I'm not embarrassed to repeat myself.  If we don't fight for our trails, we will lose them.  If we don't unite, with all other equestrians, and any other group we can accept, our small number will lose out to the larger one.  Hunters don't want us out there folks.  They're afraid they might shoot one of us.  And hunting season is right around the corner.  It won't stop me riding, not one day, but it does stop some of my fellow riders.  My attitude to the hunters is, "This deer shoots back."
That's why, to me, when all the trails are closed, when they tell us we can go there no longer with our horse, I will take that final option.  And I will take it till they pry the reins from my cold dead hands (which won't be easy to do since I seem to be getting a touch of arthritis in them lately).  That option is RENEGADE RIDER.  I will ride, or I will die while attempting to ride; I care not what the stupid law says.
Howard (the Sierra Club can go pound sand)

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