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Sierra Club

Hi Folks: Until the riding community is able to put together the political
clout that the Sierra Club has, I for one would at least talk to the members
of the Sierra Club and even take some time out of their busy lives and
attend a Sierra Club meeting and discuss what issue you may think you have
against the Sierra Club. I for one am a card caring member of the Sierra
Club and other prominent environmental groups. I have personally fought for
new tails and the preservation of existing trails in and about Northern CA.
for the past 16 years that I have lived in CA.. By the way when was the last
time that any of the trail groups stood together and put their money where
their mouths were to preserve their trails, lets see a show of hands. Please
exclude the Heritage Trails foundation and the folks from Oroville, CA these
folks have stood up for their beliefs. I am interested to see how many
others have done so. This little note is not a attack on any trail advocates
or associations, but until trails organize into a recognized political
power, I wouldn't be throwing stones.
Steven Proe

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