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Comments on Nomination for the Board of Directors

Something to note is that this year only the regional directors are elected.

Last year it was the directors at large.

Directors serve a 2 year term so that this year about 18 of 26 of the directors 
are up for election - 9 regions x 2 directors/region.

There is a strong tendency for incumbents to be reelected - in the Directors at
Large election last year - only 2 of the 8 elected were new.  These were Roger
Rittenhouse and myself.

And because one long time Director was not able to run - this could have been only

Certainly name recognition and voter apathy plays a part in elections.  But if you
are interested in making changes - you do need to run for office.

Prepare a nomination letter - last year the letter was a small as a few sentences
for some to several pages for others.

Make your thoughts and views available in the on-line forums.  At least 60% of
our membership is on-line now so it's much easier to do than it used to be.

Go to rides and introduce yourself at the ride meetings and give your views -
ask for questions.

Don't just gripe on the forums - at the very least - vote.  

Mike Maul

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