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Re: AERC Directors

Bob, thank you for the reminder.  I'll be sending my nomination letter in to
the office within a couple of days.  There is much to be done for our sport
and our organization, and I hope to be a part of it.  We have trail issues,
FEI issues, and the issue of vet shortage. The last is a problem of which
ride managers are particularly aware.
I've been a director for twenty years, and I'm still fascinated by the
workings of the BOD.  I'll probably continue to nominate for West region
director for as long as the West region members believe I'm doing a good job
for them and will support me.


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> Who is nominating for what region. This is important for the membership to
> know. Why is every one keeping it a big secret. Perhaps this is why some
> regions lack for new nominations? If no one knows then no one cares? Let's
> hear something from the AERC Membership.
> Bob Morris
> Morris Endurance Enterprises
> Boise, ID
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