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Re: RC: Rope Halters with Add-On Headstall?

on 9/10/01 9:30 AM, Jennifer Thompson at wrote:

> I like the Zilco NZ halter bridle, but was just looking at the rope
> halter with add-on biothane head stall at Wind Rider Tack.  This looks
> really nice to me, and easy to use.  It also seems to be less "stuff".
> I also like how the bit hangs from a head strap, rather than the cheek
> piece bit hangers which the Zilco bridle has.
Did you look at the Zilco MS bridle? It is a halter with add-on bridle and
at Griffin's you can buy them separately. Or through the animal tacker you
can get the add on for the cheapest I have found-20 bucks and it is

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