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Big South Fork

BSF 50/50 30/30  and RaT 50/30

Just another SE great endurance ride.
After PanAm it was a real relief to get back to just the good ole
endurance racing and riding from the SE.

Ride was on FRI and SAT  with a Sunday 10 mile RT - I left Sun am

I was suppose to ride both days - but it seems I ripped up my legs and
knees while at PanAm doing the trot training for the horse I was
groom/crew. Anyway I was not walking well less   able to ride.

SO - since I knew most of the SE riders would be there riding, I told Karen I
would help.
I did Pulse  - yes with the hrm. The other pulse takers used the
standard method. Except on Sat then Joe S used one of the hrms. Only
had 3 pulse takers maybe 4 for over 80 horses? on Fri
then 2 to 3 on Sat for about the same  - more or less.  We handled
them all ...  I did sort of sneak off at the end on Sat and left Nina
to get the last riders.

This was my first time at a RT .. way so cool. I GOT to get in shape
again and try this next year .. Jerry F and I will make the well over
Century team and we are the same size at the stirrup length.. I am sure he can ride Omni ..

 Nothing big to report.. no major crashes - very few treated either
 day .. it was hot - riders took proper care of their horses.
 Most pulls were for lamness.
 Hard pack  rocky technical trail with nice climbs - as an endurance ride should be.
 Great vets did not miss an issue.
 BC given for both 50 milers and both 30LDs. All well deserving.
 All the TT I saw looked great.
 Lots of water in camp at VC and on trail  it was hot
 Few ribbons down - Quick fix by Nina and Duanne B - few off trail then back on.
 no one really lost.
 A good number of horse-rider teams did both days for a "2 day 100"
 For many it was their first 'mini multi'
 Very high completion rate ..  I am sure Nina will post the list.

 Ride manager Karen Clark was/is one  tough lady . Kept cool both days even after her 30
 mile RT on Sat.

 Jose and Ben - just a GREAT JOB.  Wont be long till she smokes Angie.

 Gosh an upbeat post on RC .. Great ride  - nothing went wrong -
 unless I missed something??
 How about that ?

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